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Our Nursery

We offer Suziblue and Georgia Dawn Blueberries, as well as other varieties. We are a fully licensed propagator of Blueberry plants with a full service nursery. Place your order today.


Blueberry Bush Varieties


Suziblue is an early season highbush variety                                                                       Georgia Dawn is a Southern Highbush with good

with firm large fruit. Suziblue has performed                                                                        plant vigor with an upright growth habit and narrow

very well in trials in both south and middle Georgia.                                                          crown. This variety is very early ripening and pairs

Plants of Suziblue are self-fertile, but using a                                                                        well with Rebel for cross-pollination.

companion variety to enhance pollination and                                                                    Georgia Dawn™ has medium to large berries

berry size is recommended. Rebel is suggested                                                                    with good flavor. It has good fruit scar and firmness.

as a companion.